Keerbergen House
by Arne Jennard minus


I know I talk a lot about balancing function and aesthetic, but it truly is the biggest challenge facing a designer. No matter how large or small the project, the tension between the use of the design and its visual aspects is always present. Thus I have a true appreciation for those designers who can not only navigate this tension, but make it disappear completely. Belgian interior design firm Minus is one such designer. Named according to a philosophy favoured by minimalists, Minus believes great design is achieved through subtraction, not addition. Furthermore, Minus aims to design interiors that correspond perfectly with living style. Among their portfolio is Keerbergen House, a designer home that values lifestyle as much as visual style.
Simple colours and basic geometries define Keerbergen House. White is favoured, as is a single-story rectangular floor plan. The ground floor is spilt in two parts: a kitchen on one half of the space and a sitting room on the other. Rather than separated to two different rooms, a divider wall spans partially between them. Floor to ceiling windows stretch the full length of the house, highlighting the home’s wooded surroundings.

The kitchen follows the all white colour scheme with tucked-in storage and low profile workspaces. Rather than looking utilitarian like many kitchens, the kitchen in this home reads more like an art gallery. Combined with the gorgeous views behind the island, this kitchen is easily one of the best minimalist kitchens I’ve seen in a while. In the living room, an oversized white couch is a statement choice. This piece of lounge furniture provides an inviting warmth to the room. A long centre console, in a dark colour matching the couch, defines the sitting area and provides an unobtrusive home for a sleek fireplace and TV. Minimal doesn’t have to be stark—this living room is as comfortable as any.