Little Venice Pied-à-Terre by MWAI


Little Venice Pied-à-Terre is a minimalist space located in London, United Kingdom, designed by MWAI. MWAI have transformed an out-dated traditional first floor apartment into a modern, simple, elegant London ‘pied a terre’ for a busy professional couple. Our goal was to create a minimalist environment working with, and accentuating, the fantastic light and space afforded by the existing building and its location. In order to create this simple elegant feeling, we have removed and replaced all the walls, floor and ceilings, re-configuring the original cramped room layouts and improving on acoustics between floors. The controlled tension between clean-lined geometry, soft tones and material textures creates an intriguing nuance. Thanks to our collaboration with specialist joiners Lanserring, this sense of harmony and balance extends to the bespoke fixtures and fittings.
Photography by Alexander James