Soul Speaker for all models of Iphone

Soul speaker is a marble passive loud speaker for iPhones. It embodies a tension between tradition vs innovation, digital vs analogic, artisanal expertise vs technology. The shape of this speaker is achieved by slowly, carefully carving materials out of single block of marble. Geometry plays a key role in sound amplification in spite of the compact size of this item. The speaker element doesn’t include any electric parts and works exclusively by mechanic sound diffusion. Soul speaker has been designed to achieve a pleasant immersive listening experience and a rich sound, rather than exceedingly loud volume. Each Soul speaker is unique – variations in grain and colors are a guarantee of its authenticity and hadcrafting. Marble blocks are selected and subsequently worked for several hours in order to achieve a soft, embracing shape and a perfectly smooth surface. Soul speaker features a slot able to host your device and is compatible with all iPhone’s. It can be used in two positions according to the desired sound flow and intensity – if placed horizontally, Soul speaker provides a direct flow, while slanted it allows a broader diffusion.