Halo Edition by Mandalaki


Halo Edition is a collection of minimalist LED optical systems created by Italy-based studio Mandalaki. Mandalaki is a product and consulting design firm founded in 2012 by Enrico De Lotto, George Kolliopoulos, and Giovanni Senin in Milan, Italy. Davide Giovannardi became a partner in 2013, and Konstantin Elchev joined in 2019 as the US Partner based out of Los Angeles.

Using traditional Milanese artisanal processes and locally sourced materials, they designed a solid iron base and thin body, with perfect balance so the Halo can be easily moved. The optical head, besides on the One, is flexible and has a 360 rotating radius, allowing for endless light setups and designs. Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. Mandalaki wanted people to use Halo’s like an optical brush, painting an environment with shapes and hues.  Designed to fit different environments in delicate ways, the Halo collection features five styles, each carved from a solid plate of high-end black anodized aluminum and assembled in Milan, Italy using high-quality iron, brass, and glass.